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Our booster club, the Touchdowners, is a group of parents or community members who work to organize events and activities that enhance the Panther Football playing experience.

The Touchdowners are always looking for more help to support the TEAM.  There are numerous opportunities to help, some are as simple as donating milk to a TEAM meal.  If you are interested in helping, we will get you connected with right people.

Football Board Leadership

Football Template holds monthly board meetings on the [date] of the month at [time] at [location]. Active members in good standing of Football Template are welcome to attend board meetings.  Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

Tony & Holly Smith

Tony & Holly Smith


Open  Position

Open Position


Chad  Hemquist

Chad Hemquist

Vice President

Emily Suedbeck &  Tami Wilkinson

Emily Suedbeck & Tami Wilkinson

Volunteer Coordinatiors

Jill Packey

Jill Packey


John  Stewart

John Stewart

Head Coach

Touchdowner Board Members- Thank you for your involvement!

Senior Members-

Tony Smith

Holly Smith

Keith Finkelson

Jen Finkelson

Emily Suedbeck

Jason Lach

Jeff Kohls

Junior Members-

Elizabeth Wackman

Sophomore Members-

Emily Suedbeck

Tami Wilkinson

Jill Packey

Chad Hemquist

Alfreda Jacobs

Freshman Members-

Jenny Depoint

Keith Finkelson

Jen Finkelson

Brian Roach

Connie Clausen

Heather Spencer

Stormy Anderson

Mark Hollen

Nancy Hollen

Katie Pandey