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Team Philosophy: It is our desire to help each football player develop to their full potential; both as football players and as citizens of their community.  We feel that many lessons our student athletes learn on the field will carry on with them through their adult life.  We will strive to provide a safe learning environment for all players.  We ask that our players and coaches work hard, follow the rules, and always do their best.

Team Membership: Any boy with the desire to play football will be welcomed on the team, provided he abides by all the rules.  Squad cut downs may occur entering section tournament depending on section rules.

Team Appearance: We expect everyone representing our football team to look respectable at all times.  If an individual does not look appropriate, the coach will have a personal conference with that player.  Game jerseys will be worn on games days.

Team Conduct: We expect our players to carefully consider their every action at practice, in games, in school, and out in the community.  We represent our school and expect our players to conduct themselves in a positive manner at all times.  Anyone acting inappropriately will be dealt with by the coaches.

Language: We expect appropriate language to be used by everyone representing Spring Lake Park Football.  This includes during games, practice, school, home, and in the community.  During a game no one will talk to the referees but the coaches.  Any talk to teammates will be in a positive manner.  Anyone using inappropriate language will be reprimanded.

Attendance: Sickness and family commitments are the only legitimate excuses.  If possible, every excuse should be reported to a coach ahead of time.  If a player misses practice, a note from the doctor or parents must be brought to the coaches to return to practice.

Tardiness: Be on time for all practices and games.  Tardiness will not be tolerated.

Academic Tutoring: If a student is having problems in a class, tutoring is encouraged. 

Detention: Any football player receiving a detention will not start the next game.  Further detentions may result in termination from the team.

Respect: Football players are expected to respect their teammates, coaches, teachers, and classmates.  If the coaches see a problem, they will meet with that individual.  If a problem continues possible termination from the squad can result.

Curfew: Use good judgment.  Rest is important to the success of good students and athletes.

Team Rapport: A winning team is one in which team members are close friends on the field and off.  Squads that don't stick together fall apart under pressure.  Every squad member, starter or not, is equally important to the success of our team.

Sub-Varsity: Same rules apply.

Variances from Minnesota State High School League/District 16 Policies: All rules on chemical use, attendance, and academics will be followed.

Availability: If you or your son has any kind of problem and I can help, please call me at school (763) 600-5298.

We have read the above and understand compliance is required as a member of the Spring Lake Park High School Football Team.